2021 Virtual
Intergenerational Conference

June 15-17, 2021

RECORDING | WS-B-5 - HomeBound: Visioning and Producing an Intergenerational Podcast in a Pandemic and Beyond


RECORDING | WS-B-5 - HomeBound: Visioning and Producing an Intergenerational Podcast in a Pandemic and Beyond
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The HomeBound Podcast: A Dialogue for the Ages, recorded and edited over several months in summer of and early fall of 2020 in southeast, Michigan captures a time of impossibility and possibility between younger folks and older folks as they navigate together this ‘new normal’ of extreme social isolation and political uncertainty. The COVID-19 Pandemic seems to have propagated commonalities between such older folks and youngers as both were required to ‘shelter in place’ resulting in a shared sense of isolation and disconnection, leading to heightened awareness of each other and oddly, connection. Through a series of conversations between non-related older adults and younger, HomeBound, illuminates authentic intergenerational interaction in poetic and powerful ways. In addition to sharing and showcasing components of the podcast, this session will guide attendees on how they can create their own HomeBound in their home communities.

Jessica 'Decky' Alexander


Jessica 'Decky' Alexander is a professor of applied theatre at Eastern Michigan University and the Director of its office, Engage @ EMU, whose mission is to cultivate and foster community and university collaboration with business and community. For twenty-five years, both as a solo performer and through academia, Decky has used the medium of theatre and performance to give voice to underheard voices and communities, and more specifically to foster dialogue, shift cultural/social attitudes, or influence public policy. Limelight was founded as a way to further expand the presence and the power of theatre in non-theatrical spaces and contexts including: philanthropy, business, healthcare, government, and education.

Tyler Calhoun


Tyler Calhoun graduated with MA in Interpretation and Performance Studies from Eastern Michigan University . He has also studied Lecoq Movement Technique at the Movement Theatre Studio in New York. In 2017, Tyler was selected to serve as a Colleen Toohey Porter apprentice at TYA USA's One Theatre World Conference. Tyler has performed and directed professionally with such companies as Michigan Shakespeare Festival, The Penny Seats, The Ringwald, Pointless Brewery & Theatre, and Spinning Dot Theatre where he served as Associate Artistic Director from 2017-2018. Tyler's podcast Life in Theatre can be heard on all podcast platforms including Apple, Spotify and Sticher.

Catherine Coffey

Limelight & Eastern Michigan University

Catherine Coffey has been acting for 13 years, some of her favorite roles being Andromache in "The Trojan Women", Juliet in "Romeo and Juliet", Hamlet in "Hamlet", Titania in "A Midsummer Night's Dream", and Mother Courage in "Mother Courage". She has worked with companies across the Midwest including Flatwater Shakespeare Company, Waterworks Theatre Company, and Angels Theatre Company. This is her first production with Water Works. Catherine is currently a graduate student at Eastern Michigan University where she is earning her Masters in Theatre. Catherine has worked as an ethnographic theatre artist, writing and performing in pieces for the Henry Ford Museum's ""Four Freedoms"" exhibit, the Sheldon Art Museum, and several nonprofit groups.

Eric Minni


Eric Minni 'Erock' is the current Swiss Army Knife (Creative Director) of Blue Water Technologies.For over 15 years, he has worked on a live event technology experiences as well as logo design and branding. Through a blend of ideation, front facing collaboration, and hands-on creation Eric leads Blue Water's work of live event and technology-based experiences. Eric is the vision behind HomeBound's audio and visual aesthetic.