2021 Virtual
Intergenerational Conference

June 15-17, 2021

RECORDING | WS-B-2 - Intentional Intergenerational Communities: The Ultimate Shared Spaces


RECORDING | WS-B-2 - Intentional Intergenerational Communities: The Ultimate Shared Spaces
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The ultimate shared spaces are intentional, intergenerational communities. These are places where youth, young adults, older adults and elders build relationships that deepen over time and create a strong foundation in which children, families and elders flourish. By living in proximity and with purpose, these living communities are not only supporting the residents who live there, but also, positively impacting the larger community. The impact of intentional intergenerational communities aligns with the Self-Healing Communities Model. This model improves the rates of interrelated and intergenerational health and social problems by investing in the people at risk. The presenters will discuss how thinking about designing shared spaces and opportunities along with housing using a perspective of “communities for all ages,” is not only a nice idea but a critical solution to many social issues in our world.

Derenda Schubert

Bridge Meadows

Bridge Meadows, Executive Director, Dr. Derenda Schubert, a licensed psychologist with extensive professional experience counseling children and families and creating, managing, and evaluating foster care, mental health and developmental disability programs. Dr. Schubert is an intergenerational champion, leading the team that created Bridge Meadows intergenerational housing communities, advocating nationally for intergenerational solutions to complex social challenges, spearheading strategic planning and shaping Bridge Meadows' expansive vision for the future. All with the vision of creates a world where all generations are cherished.

Tim Carpenter


Tim Carpenter founded EngAGE in 1999 to create community and change lives by transforming affordable senior and multigenerational housing projects into vibrant centers of learning, wellness, and creativity. The organization provides life-enhancing arts, wellness, lifelong learning, community building and shared site intergenerational programs and events to thousands of seniors and hundreds of families living in California, Oregon and Minnesota.