2021 Virtual
Intergenerational Conference

June 15-17, 2021

RECORDING | WS-A-6 - Connecting Generations: Strategies for Improving Community Vitality


RECORDING | WS-A-6 - Connecting Generations: Strategies for Improving Community Vitality
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Intergenerational strategies, bringing diverse age groups together in mutually beneficial experiences, are being utilized around the country to reduce older adult social isolation, improve health and well-being, connect youth with caring adults, address local concerns, and enhance community. In this session, the Northland Foundation will share key learnings and promising practices gained through the implementation of intergenerational community-building initiatives in 18 rural communities and Tribal Nations over the past 13 years. Participants will learn practical strategies for replicating this grassroots intergenerational civic engagement initiative in their community.

Lynn Haglin

Northland Foundation

Lynn Haglin serves as the Vice President and KIDS PLUS Director for the Northland Foundation in Duluth, Minnesota. Her experience includes over 30 years in administration, community development, and education, with an extensive background in early childhood, youth development, and intergenerational programs. In her current position, Lynn provides leadership for the Foundation's KIDS PLUS Programs, including the AGE to age: bringing generations together. Lynn has developed 57 coalitions in northeastern Minnesota focused on children, youth, and older adults, as well as designed model early childhood, youth leadership, and youth grantmaking programs. Under Lynn's leadership, the AGE to age initiative has raised millions of dollars to support community-based intergenerational efforts, as well as received numerous state and national honors, including Generation United's Program of Distinction.

Jan Amys

Northland Foundation

Jan Amys, is the Senior Program Officer at the Northland Foundation. Jan joined the Foundation in 2008. She provides coordination and support for the KIDS PLUS Program in the areas of early childhood, youth leadership, youth grantmaking, and intergenerational programming including AGE to age. Ms. Amys has 25+ years of experience in youth development, intergenerational initiatives, community organization, and training.

Cheryl Meld

Something Cool, Inc.

Cheryl Meld has worked as a community organizer and youth worker for 30 years. She often says she fell naturally the role, having grown up in a rural area, in family deeply involved in education and service. Through her work with families and children, she has learned that connectedness among community members of all ages is essential if a community is to thrive. She has made it her mission to engage youth and older adults together in learning skills, building local resources, and turning challenges into opportunity. Cheryl is currently the executive director of Something Cool, Inc. and a grant administrator for the McGregor School District. She has served as the coordinator of the McGregor AGE to age Program since it was launched in 2008.