2021 Virtual
Intergenerational Conference

June 15-17, 2021

RECORDING | WS-A-2 - Sharing Our Spaces, Sharing Our Expertise: New International Resources for Shared Sites


RECORDING | WS-A-2 - Sharing Our Spaces, Sharing Our Expertise: New International Resources for Shared Sites
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In response to the growing interest in intergenerational shared sites, Generations United and the University of Granada have each produced a new resource that includes information on the rationale, planning, design, and challenges associated with setting up intergenerational shared sites. Sharing our Space: A Toolkit for Developing Intergenerational Shared Sites (GU) and Intergenerational Centers. Concept and Implementation (U of Granada) were developed separately, however they were mutually enriched through collaborative dialogue between lead authors and represent an example of international collaboration in the intergenerational field. This workshop is designed to expand knowledge about intergenerational shared sites through an evidence-informed approach that combines cross-cultural lived experience, practice expertise, and research evidence. It will focus on: 1) key content from these new resources, 2) cross-cultural features of sites in the United States, Germany, France and Spain, 3) gaps regarding best practices, and 4) opportunities for the creation of new shared site models.

Nancy Henkin

Generations United

Nancy A. Henkin, Ph.D., founder and former Executive Director of the Intergenerational Center at Temple University, is currently a Senior Fellow at Generations United. Dr. Henkin received her B.S. from Simmons College and her Ph.D. from Temple University. Over the past 40 years, she has developed a wide range of cross-age programs, provided technical assistance to local, national and international organizations in the aging, youth, housing and educational fields, and produced a wide range of materials. She has presented at numerous conferences around the world and serves on the Mayor's Commission on Aging in Philadelphia and the Editorial Board of the Journal of Intergenerational Relationships.

Mariano Sánchez

University of Granada

My trajectory in the intergenerational field started in 1999. It is now 21 years that I have focused more of my career as researcher on the study of intergenerational relationships and programmes. Currently, I am deeply involved on research around Intergenerational Contact Zones such as the unique Macrosads Reference Intergenerational Centre whose research strategy I am responsible for. Furthermore, through the Macrosad Chair in Intergenerational Studies (the only of its kind in the country) we are making progress in the transferring of knowledge to intergenerational practitioners both in Spain and abroad. Piloting a replicable model of intergenerational care centre which may be introduced and expanded in Spain is at the core of my present and future plans as researcher.

Jeni Hoover

Kendal at Oberlin Early Learning Center

Jeni Hoover works at Kendal at Oberlin in the Early Learning Center located in Oberlin, Ohio. She works with staff, residents, families, as well as the local community to implement a quality Early Childhood and Intergenerational program.