2021 Virtual
Intergenerational Conference

June 15-17, 2021


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To make yourself available to other attendees, you must do the following in your profile: 

  1. In your Profile, click Privacy Settings and
    1. Under "Show On User Directory" - check Profile Info and Company - these fields will display when someone searches for you. 
    2. Under "Show on Public Profile" - check Profile Info and any other fields, including email, of which you wish to display to other attendees once they have found you.
    3. Click Save
  2. Click on Messaging Settings and select from the dropdown menu under "Who can send me messages?" to "ANYONE"
  3. Once completed, you can go back to Privacy Settings to preview your Profile. 
  4. And make sure to upload a headshot to your profile page! Want to have the right proportions, use this site to crop your headshot. 

Within the User Directory, you will be able to find anyone who has turned on the option to be available within the user directory. If you cannot find a specific attendee, they have not turned on this option. 

All messages, whether from admins to fellow attendees can be found here.